The Notorious Nine...

The original 9 founding Members of the Risen Dead MC, known as the Notorious Nine, set out to create a MC unlike any other MC on earth. By infusing Values and Principles the founders learned during their philosophical travels they insured integrity and character backbone of Club Practices and Tenants. Today's mixture of Brothers reflects the conviction and strength of spirit heralded by America's forefathers who chose to fight and die for freedom rather than prosper amidst tyranny and oppression.


Our Philanthropic Mission


In the United States 22 of our veterans, the men and women who have served selflessly our great nation, fall victim to the fight off the battlefield and take their own lives.

22 each and every day. Husband's and Fathers, Sons and Brothers, Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters gone in the blink of a tear stained eye. This wound is at the heart of the every civilian that lives under the blanket of freedom these men and women and provided.

The Risen Dead MC has a singular global mission- to stop this tragic loss of life. With your help we will continue to bring this obscenity to light and provide aid to those men and women who have already given so much.