Thanks for visiting the online home of the Risen Dead Motorcycle Club. We are a Motorcycle Club who’s membership is comprised of Masons and non Masons. We Ride for Brotherhood, Community and Civic Duty. Please browse our website and drop us a line.

Ride Safe

A Message From Our Founder

There have been several questions about our purpose. I hope to clarify things somewhat.

Our primary goal is to provide relief to the distressed and needy in our communities. Our secondary goal is to reinforce the mortar of our bonds; be they fraternal, familial, or communal. The third tenant of our organization is to introduce Masonry to our communities and to expose our Masonic Brothers to the unique brotherhood and enjoyment intrinsic to the Motorcycle Club community.

We are not a Masonic Club. We are a Motorcycle Club, founded by Masons, based on Masonic principles, open to all, and for a very select few.

I remember as a son, grandson, and nephew of Master Masons, having monthly barbecues, holiday parties, gatherings of all kinds. I had so many “Uncles” I couldn’t remember them all. The Lodge was truly my extended family, and the familiarity, security, and comfort I found within that brotherhood impacted me throughout my life. Dozens of Brothers were there for my graduation, my football games, even trivial things like when I found myself in need of a ride. The term “Brotherhood” had real impact to me, and the rest of those men. It carried weight, and import. It was something to be protected and cherished. It was something earned through hard work and ferocious commitment. It was our lifestyle, and it was present in everything we did.

I look back at the Masonic spirit of our forefathers, and I  yearn for it. They possessed a resolve in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity, and a commitment that was unwavering. Tyrants were overthrown, injustices made right, and the fights that needed to be fought were undertaken based on merit, not reward. There was a willingness to sacrifice for what was right, and an unspoken understanding that a man must stand for something or will fall for anything.  It is my sincere hope that, through this thing of ours, Brother by Brother and Rider by Rider, we can infuse that spirit into Lodges and hearts across the country once again. “I am my brother’s keeper” sums it up perfectly for me; Brings all the fuzzy edges into stark focus. I hope you can share some of this passion with me and with the other Risen Dead you come into contact with around the world. Because changing the world starts with changing the world for one person…

and that’s a fight worth fighting.

“Irish” Jack Garrett